You can help us make a magical experience for young audiences.

by Adam Bennett

Almost everyone who is into culture and the arts saw something amazing when they were very young. I bet you did and I’m no exception. I saw the first episodes of Sesame Street in November 1969 when I was living in the USA at the age of very nearly five years old and instantly fell in love with the Muppets. I remember my starring role as ‘Tree’ in the kindegarten production in North Carolina. Later on, in Australia I saw the Sydney Marionnette Theatre’s production of ‘The Magic Pudding’ and was entranced with the experience.Roosevelt Franklin

For the last year I’ve been lead puppeteer in the development of a new play called ‘Cloud Child’. You can read all about it in previous posts of this blog. We’ve made an amazing piece of work with the help of many generous supporters, and now we’re appealing for donations of whatever size to tour this magical piece of theatre for very young children to venues around the UK. We’ve already performed a preview of the piece at The Boo, home of Horse and Bamboo Theatre Company in Lancashire and it was a great success.

Nowadays in order to bid for funding from The Arts Council of England to make work, you have to show support from a variety of backers; the venues that trust your work enough to book your shows and invite their audiences to buy tickets, the partners that offer spaces, promotion and other resources to help you to put the show together and other sources of financial support. This is where you come in…

Kickstarter Cloud Child

We’re hoping you’ll support our campaign. If you can afford to donate, help us to reach our goal of £550 by Sunday March 31st. If you are unable to donate for whatever reason, please share this post with friends, colleagues and others who may be inclined to help us, with your own personal endorsement.

I’ve spent a lot of my life sharing that feeling of being amazed and enchanted, having my creative imagination and my sense of wonder at the world boosted by seeing performers by creating moments of theatrical magic. I’m doing the same for children all over the world. This is your opportunity to help me and my colleagues at DNA Puppetry to do this.

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