DNA Puppetry and Visual Theatre

DNA Puppetry and Visual Theatre


DNA Puppetry and Visual Theatre is originally a partnership of Rachel Riggs and Adam Bennett. Since we met in 1993, we have been creating performances of puppets, transforming objects and material theatre. Now we operate with an excellent team of visual theatre artists including Liz Fitzgerald Taylor (Imaginary Leaps Early Years arts), Mark Whitaker (Chicken Licken show and puppetry in performance) and Sarah Hicks (Creative education workshops)

DNA are producers of creative learning for children and is a company that creates and tours performances for children and families internationally, and a company that offers training and consultancy in how you and your organisation can access and stimulate the innate creativity of children, especially early years.

Please visit our main site www.dynamicnewanimation.co.uk for information about our company, shows and educational activities.

Imaginary Leaps is all about our work for Early Years Creative Play training, activities and resources

Please email us with your enquiry – rachel@imaginaryleaps.com

and call us on 0161 408 1720 (UK) or 0435591243 (Australia) for further details.

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