Round & Round ! early years tour 2019-2020

DNA Puppetry/Imaginary Leaps shared performances of our newly adapted storytelling theatre play ‘Round & Round’ in a tour Nov/Dec 2019, sponsored by the City of Fremantle. With performances at local early years settings, Fremantle Arts Centre and  Sullivan Hall Community Centre.

Photos by Tim Grant

‘Round & Round’ is a show specially made for very young children and their carer, highly visual with little spoken language accessible for all!

There is a 30 min story telling puppetry performance with interactive, sensory play activities afterwards for 10-15 mins to aid full experiential learning and engagement.

And also a story book to accompany, and continue experiential learning when the performance & play is over.

‘Round & Round’ was developed in the UK as ‘Ballpond Bobby’, performed at TATE Britain, London and toured to festivals in Europe! Now, a newly created version is on tour, specially made for early years centre’s in WA.

DNA’s working practice starts with the exploration of physical properties (such as material and everyday objects) through simple play approaches, similar to the way children explore the world.

Underpinning this exploration is the desire to transform the ordinary to the extraordinary, reflecting the ease with which children do this everyday in their imaginary play. Coordinating with Early Years Framework outlines.

‘The purpose of creating work in this way is to encourage and stimulate the imaginative play of children, engaging them as audience and participants in a process of creating characters, stories and worlds out of the everyday objects around us. When creating DNA’s work for early years audiences, the company takes care not to introduce conventions, assumptions or concepts that are beyond young children’s immediate experience or comprehension.’

Rachel Riggs  – Creative Director, with Adam Bennett – Puppeteer and Lynda Moylan – Performer

In Jan/Feb 2020,‘Round & Round’ is performing as part of Fringe World 2020, Perth to large, sell out family audiences.

Imaginary Leaps are also very proud to be part of the smallsize international childrens theatre network, creating and celebrating original quality theatre for young children.

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