DNA puppetry at Glastonbury 2017


DNA had a fabulous rain free Glastonbury this year in the Kidzfield! With a great crew performing in the theatre tent, walkabout and workshops, we had a packed programme for 4 days of creative chaos.

Glastonbury 2017 (125)

Steve Tiplady and Sally Brown from Indefinite Articles made a special collaboration with DNA soundmaker Rebecca Riggs Bennett with the show ‘Clay Time’ for the childrens theatre tent, performing alongside Basil Brush and CBBC. This was an improvised performance, taking the childrens story ideas and animating them in clay.

Glastonbury 2017 (112)

Sarah Nickson and the workshop team ran 4hr make and do sessions everyday, creating   totem poles with recycled bottles.

Glastonbury 2017 (48)

These grew into an installation the walkabout puppets performed around and children interacted with.

Rachel Riggs, Rebecca Riggs Bennett and Steve Tiplady performed walkabout with the much loved Rainbow Cat, Baby and Paul McCartney lookalike scally puppet!

Glastonbury 2017 (75)

We had a great time dancing with the samba band, chatting with children and families, lots of fun!

Rachel also performed with her marionettes and met a few budding puppeteers in the making. People were fascinated with the puppets, all ages….

Glastonbury 2017 (143)

Thanks as always to Tony Cordy and the Kidzfield team…..roll on 2019!

Glastonbury 2017 (73)

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