Tom Thumb, Cloud Child

Adam Bennett of DNA writes about adventures in European touring in the Spring of 2017

“I’ve been having fun touring Tom Thumb after a break living and working in Australia, starting with a couple of shows at the Albany in Deptford, South London and then a number of shows in various parts of England. The latest shows at the Dukes Playhouse, Lancaster were a blast. Sian Phillips is the original musician for the show, and she lives in Lancaster but wasn’t available so my number two musician Jo Powell stepped in. Jo lives in Sunderland Point nowadays, a little village regularly cut off from civilisation by the tides. We ran through the show the night before to a rapturous bunch of about a dozen local residents in the reading room.

Our restaging of Cloud Child took place at De Poppenzaal in the town of Tournhout, East Belgium

De Poppenzaal is a lovely little puppet theatre in Belgium serving local residents and schools owned and run by Ruud Alles, a very congenial host.

Shakera and I arrived and set up with some help from Ruud and assistance from my Belgian friend Tineke who bravely volunteered to operate the musical cures for the show.

It was the first really warm and sunny afternoon of the European Spring so the theatre wasn’t full but there was a decent crowd of children and adults attending and they all had a wonderful time with many compliments after the show.

This weekend I’m performing Chicken Licken at the Polka Theatre, London, while Rachel is performing Thurtinkle at the Fairbridge Festival in Western Australia so DNA is having a very international time right now.

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