Awesome audience feedback for Tom Thumb #TomThumbDNA

Adam Bennett writes: “It’s been a long three weeks. Ten hours a day, seven days a week is a gruelling schedule, but the forge of the rehearsal room is a hot cauldron of creativity and I wouldn’t be anywhere else.The test show gathered some really positive responses.”


“Today January 20th 2016 our wonderful hosts at Horse and Bamboo Theatre Company found us a quick audience. It was last minute. We were meant to be testing some ideas out in Halifax last Sunday but weren’t ready, so waited until we were able to perform with the show sorted out in structure and all the puppets, props, set and costume we needed. Sian Phillips the musician and I had been practicing music and songs for weeks, director Steve Tiplady came for 5 days, pulling the show apart and restitching the scenes together with greater emphasis on visual impact, character and humour. Designer/makers Liz Lempen and Georgina Solo arrived and for a few days to tidy, create and sort the various missing and physical elements of the show.”

“recommended for anyone from 4 to 73. Thank you for making an old woman think”

“the puppets were brilliantly conceived and truly pulled me into a magical world”

“an absolutely amazing performance, beautifully told. Puppets were magical, the music was perfect for the performance.”

“The story was easy to follow and there was a good mix of comedy and storytelling. The music was beautiful and the harp playing gave me goosebumps.”



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