Artist in Residence for the Song Room, West Australia

Rachel Riggs puppeteer

Rachel Riggs puppeteer

Rachel writes from overseas, Ive recently completed another successful residency for the Song Room , an organisation which funds artists to lead workshops in low social economic area schools nationally.

Belmay shadows (10)Belmay shadows (11)

Working with the friendly staff and pupils of Belmay Primary, Perth, we spent term 1 playing with shadow puppets and term 2 exploring rod puppets.

IMG_20150323_134415503I brought in a collection of my puppets from around the world to show a variety of styles, though Perth city had just had a visit from Royal de Luxe with some of the worlds largest marionettes, so the children had their eyes opened more then usual.IMG_20150618_134649356The students made rod puppets from their original designs of pirates, mermaids, magical creatures and super heroes. Using my scrunchy tissue paper technique, the heads were sculpted and cloth costumes decorated, ready for making up stories of sailing the seas, to the moon and back in space , or

IMG_20150615_134911243superheroes saving others.


Aprofessional development session was held after school for teachers to share their learning with other staff in the school and for me to develop further puppetry in the classroom ideas for their creative skill sets.

pd song roomIMG_20150618_155252183IMG_20150618_152646324All the puppets went on display around the school in the reception area, library. art room and language study area with quotes from the children about their artistic achievements.IMG_20150618_152545147

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