DNA rock Glastonbury Festival – again

In late June we made our presence felt on the Kidz Field of Glastonbury 2015 with Chicken Licken on the main stage, the DNA Glastontree in the makendo tent and The Hoodies doing some walkabout. This year involved three full days as well as Thursday afternoon so we were kept busy

Chicken Licken at Glastonburyimage

Both Kidz Field and DNA celebrate 21st birthdays this year. We were proud to contribute to the largest free outdoor event for children in Europe. The man in charge Tony Cordy has done an amazing job keeping the spirit of the free festival of wonder, entertainment and creativity within the growing enterprise and variety that is Glastonbury Festival. Ema Cordy was a gracious and generous host in the Theatre Tent this year (and last year too!)

Baby puppet at Glastonbury

Our walkabout act this year was a life size puppet teenager clutching a talking puppet baby trying to convince parents and children to mind the baby so he could go out and watch the bands. He even had a go at pretenting the baby was a lost child so he could leave it in the lost kidz portacabin.

A last minute addition was Rebecca who stepped in when another had to drop out. She helped with the sound and the walkabout. Thanks Beccy!image The Kidz Field is Glastonbury’s most magical place full of wonder discovery laughter excitement and creativity for any age. One of the mottos of the Kidz Field is

It’s never too late to have a happy childhood, or help someone to have one

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