Chicken Licken – So Long and Thanks for all the Chooks!

Chicken Licken with Melvyn Rawlinson

Melvyn Rawlinson has performing DNA’s much loved golden egg of a show ‘Chicken Licken’ for the past few years and weve loved him taking the show out to new young audiences, in schools and theatres nation wide in the UK!

He writes:

‘There are some shows which may leave an audience pondering on the deeper meanings of life and then there’s others which make you laugh so much that you’re still smiling hours later. And perhaps that’s what I like so much about Chicken Licken, that although there’s elements of jeopardy and anticipation it’s the sound of laughter that is the most pervasive. Because I was running a puppet making workshop after the performance at Leominster Infant school I had plenty of opportunity to hear what was important to the children. Perhaps predictably, many said they liked the slap-stick element and the rather obvious gags like the chicken growing bigger or the fox burning his tail, but I was really surprised by was how much of the word play they had picked up on and wanted to repeat to me. But when you over-hear a teacher saying ‘ it was so funny, I could have sat there all day’ you’re left with a nice feeling which helps with the tedium of the 3 hour drive home.’

Thank you Melvyn for all wonderful storytelling and hard work for DNA, and our best wishes for the future!
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