Imaginary Leaps at Meerilinga Childrens Centre , Coolbellup, WA

Session 2 round (2)For the past 8 weeks, Rachel has been playing with families with young children at Meerilinga Childrens Centre, on another early years creative engagement programme here in Coolbellup. Last year , I worked with families here on a CANWA funded project, and it was great to work with Jenny and the team, as well as reconnect with the family groups.

Session 2 round (9)Each week had a different play theme, from the circus, round & round, shadow play nursery rhymes,  tissue play animals, to natural elements – the sea & water, earth & nature play. The last session was Mrs Teapots puppet party, transforming everyday tea party pots and pans into puppets , and telling stories!

meerilinga session 8 mrs teapot 002Feedback from parents included –

San – ‘Excellent organised play’

natureplay 6Claire -‘ A fantastic, magical playtime! Heath still plays with the paper boat and little pipecleaner figure we made from water play. He fills up a bucket, and sails it around, always ending up with rough seas! Now everything becomes a puppet and has its own voice.’

meerilinga session 7 (6)Sharene -‘Thank you for a wonderful time! Millen takes the little pipe cleaner people to bed with her – they are Daddy & Millen’ – sailing on the sea. She talks about you all the time and every day asks if we are going to see Rachel and Bobby puppet.’

Me, bobby & millencircus 3circus 14meerilinga session 7

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