Terry Jones Fairy Tales entertaining family audiences in WA!

ThurtinkleDNA puppetry have just had sell out shows with Thurtinkle performing Terry Jones Tales for Fremantle Festival audiences. We had some really funny moments in the children’s participation, particularly from one boy who told us of the game ‘Dead Fish’ when the audience were asked for party game ideas to play. Apparently, after a complicated explanation only a bright 8 year could give, we just lie still for as long as possible on the floor!

DSC_0922 DSC_0945 DSC_0959Thurtinkle was also very privileged to tell stories at the University of Western Australia at a Family Day with the  ‘Little Paintings, Big Stories’ gossip songs of Western Arnhem Land exhibition. Also there, was Aboriginal Elder Noel Nannup telling his Dreamtime story ‘The Carers of Everything’ which tells of humanity’s necessary job of caring for the land and the animals. This story and Terry Jones story of ‘The Glass Cupboard’ are all about not over consuming but giving back to the earth. Having a yarn afterwards, we discussed how although we have been telling these stories about caring for the environment for years, there feels more urgency in the message to look after nature and the planet than ever before.

DSC_0961 DSC_0963 DSC_1038

DNA recieved wonderful feedback from the show –

‘Recently we ran a Family Focus Day to coincide with our current exhibition which focuses on story telling. The Thurtinkle Fairy Tale Show fit in perfectly with our program. Thurtinkle took us on a journey through his wonderful world and had the children (and the adults) engaged and enthralled. The puppeteers/hosts were professional in their presentation and performance and we would highly recommend them for future events particularly within an educational environment.’

Kelly Rowe, Assistant Curator, Berndt Museum, UWA

Next performance is at Beaufort Street Festival, Nov 16th on the Golden Throne Stage, in the Family Area at 3.45pm. See you there!


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