Imaginary Leaps with Kulunga Aboriginal Kindergarten, W.A

how the birds colours 037Allira, Rachel and Chris celebrate at NAIDOC day

Since July 2012, I have been collaborating with Kulunga Aboriginal Kindergarten, Hilton, Fremantle, Western Australia, a unique community resource for supporting early years children of Indegenous heritage and their families.

I have gratefullybeen mentored and supported by community artist Michelle Hovane and teacher Chris Simms, with their wealth of knowledge and experience shared to benefit my community arts and professional cultural practice.

IMAG1533 IMAG1563 IMAG1568 IMAG1571session 3 kulunga pd 061 Shadow play for ‘How the Birds got their Colours’ Traditional Dreamtime story presented at NAIDOC celebration.

Kulunga Aboriginal Kindergarten classroom activities focus on Noongar Indegenous culture, language, storytelling as well as the national curriculum. My communty partnerships professional development funded by the Australian Council of the Arts, gave  space and time to play with the Imaginary Leaps methodology, to document aspects of the universal language of play, unifying cultural connections in storytelling, letting the children lead with inspiring objects and materials – the puppet being the lead communication tool.

session 5 kulunga pd 018

‘Really inspiring’ Chris Simms Teacher

aus gov im leaps session 1 005 Kulunga session 1 (4)

Community artist Mentor Michelle Hovane

session 2 aus gov 039

Now sadly, this essential early years service, which gives under 5’s the best cultural support and nurturing to get on at state school’s  is under threat of closure from the W.A government with unecessary education cutbacks.

Please sign the petition below and lend your support –

The most grateful outcome for me is to become ‘Auntie Rachel’ to the children, with deep respect to the local Hilton Noongar community. I dearly wish to continue the relationships which are the cornerstones of working with Indegenous communities and take time to develop,with the weekly creative play sessions with Kulunga Kindy into the future. Please support the petition!


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