DNA in England update

Ok- so I should have blogged some of DNA’s activity in England quite a while ago, but have been mega hectic planning a wedding, amongst other things. Anyway, I am here now to give you a quick update of a few of the things I have been getting up to for DNA. Apologies for the delay, folks!

At the end of June, it was the annual highlight that is Glastonbury. DNA always have a blast on the Kidz Field, and this year was no exception. We had walk about acts (a run away puppet and her puppeteer and two singing sunflowers) which were really popular with the children. We also ran workshops to make things for children and families to decorate our Glastontree with, and wrote an installment of a story each day of the festival, which we then copied out, put into envelopes and distributed around the Kidz Field to bring joy to whoever found them. Below are a few pictures.



Last month I also had the pleasure of working with some delightful pupils at Queen’s Drive Primary School in Preston. Year 6 had done their own very ambitious school production of ‘A Midsummer night’s Dream’, and I spent a great day doing shadow puppets with them on the same theme. I also had great fun in the infants making puppets with year 2. A few snaps are below.



I have also done 2 very manic days making puppets at Lancaster Castle (so manic that I did not have time for a brew all day, let alone to take any photos!) There are exciting plans for the future with Lancaster Castle in the pipeline. At the moment it is all top secret, but watch this space!

Next week I am off to introduce the joys of shadow puppetry to the children and teenagers at Clitheroe Youth theatre. I am looking forward to seeing what their imaginations come up with.

Right- I’m signing off and getting back to the last minute wedding chaos.




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2 Responses to DNA in England update

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  2. dnapuppetry says:

    Thanks Sarah for all your hardwork with DNA puppetry, and many congratulations for the big day!

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