More Cloud Child Feedback comes floating in!

Cloud Child flyerDNA continues to get some very positive feedback about the Cloud Child Performances on our Spring UK Tour!

‘My son loved it! he laughed so much’

‘Fab show, kept my 3 year old mesmerised’

‘Lovely show, made me cry’

‘Really inspiring and held the attention of the children’

‘ Its like fine art, loved every moment, involving and entertaining….and loved the basic sign language used’

Carrie & Faron were part of our original research & development at the Lowry in January 2012. They really enjoyed the show and emailed –

jan13thcloudchildr&d (15)

‘Faron talked about it for a long time afterwards and can still recall events and themes. Funnily, we saw a lot of the ‘cloud’ fluffy fabric on the pavement on the way home. Faron was very excited to see “cloud child” again in a most unexpected place. He has kept his little piece of cloud “to pull” (during the performance) and it is now hanging in his bedroom along with a swallow mobile.The element of the show that has had most impact has been that of emotion i.e. what happened to make cloud child sad…what happened to make him happy again. He asked a lot of questions about that, also the difference between the childs excited idea of painting the house and his Earth Mums anger over a mess.’

Children seem to respond to and call ‘Cloud Child’ whatever is their own perception at their development stage and age – for Faron its a male child, for others a girl or a baby. Cloud Child seems to be a neutral entity, an open play puppet who can be imprinted with each individual child’s imaginative response.

Huge Thanks once again to all our supporters out there and the Arts Council of Britain for funding research,development and touring.

Arts Council



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