WE DID IT! Thanks to our supporters we made our crowdfunding goal

kickstarterWe’re very grateful and fortunate to have had a tremendous amount of support in the creation of our new show Cloud Child. Our kickstarter bid to raise a tiny proportion (about 7%) of our project budget to build and tour this show has been successful and is evidence that we have a certain amount of popular support for the work that we do.

We’d like to thank our backers. These are:
Peter Glanville
Chris Langdon and Roshana Plashkes
Rebekah McKay
Garreth Massy
Claire Ford
Joshua Garret
Simon Leif Bennett
Mike Davies
Peter Charlton
Sarah Brandwood-Spencer
Keris Casey-St.Pierre
Philip Millar
Penny Francis
Andrew Quarles de Quarles
Christopher Hodgeson
Rachael Hughes
Scott Corbett
Petra Coveney
Elliot Cook
Karen Torley
Amy Welsh
Caitlin Brass
Mark Whitaker

We’re very grateful for their support. With ten days to go may put some ‘stretch goals’ on the project, but for the moment we’re very grateful to get over the line.
Cloud Child flyer


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