Actors Studio Masterclass – puppetry & object theatre

Feb 20 Rachel Riggs Puppetry and Object Theatre
Find out about creating performance through working with objects and the power of puppetry.

Actors Studio – a series of 9 three-hour workshops on a variety of performing arts skills for actors between the ages of 17 & 26.

Wayco puppet masterclass 013 Wayco puppet masterclass 024 Wayco puppet masterclass 003 Wayco puppet masterclass 016 Wayco puppet masterclass 019 Wayco puppet masterclass 020 Wayco puppet masterclass 021 Wayco puppet masterclass 023Rachel writes -‘Had a vey enjoyable evening with Perth’s young actors introducing puppetry & object theatre techniques with everyday items becoming extraordinary in their hands’.

Once the basics – focus, movement & sound were covered, and id demonstrated the transformation of a functional object into fantastic, they were hooked ! and the group did some lovely work individually and in pairs improvising stories.

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    One of our Actors Studio tutors, Rachel Riggs of DNA Puppetry and Visual Theatre shares her thoughts.

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