‘Absolutely Magical!’ Cloud Child flies with early years audiences

rehersals boo jan

After a great few weeks of rehearsals supported by Horse & Bamboo at their venue The Boo in Rossendale, Lancashire. DNA were ready, willing and able to present special free preview shows for the local Early Years Community including childminders and local nurseries.

rehersals boo jan (1)

Feedback from early years providers affirmed how the performance and participation elements as well as play with the theme of ‘Clouds’ in an after show Imaginary Leaps session were well thought out and delivered due to our earlier research & development.

rehersals boo jan (5)

Childminder Helen observed ‘She liked blowing the clouds away, tactile touching of cloud. the show was very calming, at 11 months old, she was completely engrossed, mesmerised.

Childminder Donna ‘Marvellous for all ages, absolutely loved it!’

Childminder Sheila ‘I think you got the interaction just right, and the participation to engage and keep attention.’

Parent ‘I thought it was brilliant, straight from the start, the music and everything was just right. Especially everyone joining in the end, even the littlest ones investigating and allowed to interact with the performers and show’

rehersals boo jan (6)

‘Out of the Ordinary!’

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