Cloud Child Rehearsals Begin!

ImageBlog post from Assistant Director Shakera Louise Ahad as Cloud Child rehearsals kick off. 


Monday morning finds the Cloud Child Company together at last (Rachel – Director, Adam – Puppeteer, Liz – Performer, Shakera – Assistant Director) and already feeling welcome and settled at Horse & Bamboo’s Theatre space in Waterfoot – The Boo.

We began with a recap of ideas from the R&D, from arms and legs emerging from giant clouds, to making animals out of tiny clouds.


“Scene One – Land of Cloud: Two performers emerge from the cloud”


And then creating more new images and ideas, and putting them together as part of the story, like the sun and moon rising and setting…


The house starts small, with a miniature wisp of cloud caught on the washing line… Image…but soon we see, the house gets bigger! 

After much play with semiotics, sensory experience and Rachel and Shakera pretending to be five year olds – we are looking forward to playing for early years audiences next week.

DNA Previews Cloud Child on Sunday 27th January 3pm at The Boo in Waterfoot. 



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