DNA welcomes new Chicken Licken performer

When the creator and original performer of DNA’s ‘Chicken Licken‘ Adam Bennett met Melvyn Rawlinson to work together with Luis Zornoza Boy at Norwich Puppet Theatre to create a solo show of The Pied Piper, neither of them had the slightest idea that many years later they would still be working together to perform and tour a solo show of Chicken Licken for DNA.Chicken Licken with Melvyn Rawlinson

Melvyn is currently touring ‘Chicken Licken’ to schools and theatres in the Winter and Spring of 2012/13 around the UK. Chicken Licken continues to be a popular classic and we welcome Melvyn to the ranks of seasoned performers of this show; Adam Bennett, Mark Down and Mark Whitaker. We’re sure you’ll enjoy Melvyn’s skill, comedy and coviviality as he delights children and adults in this magical performance.

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2 Responses to DNA welcomes new Chicken Licken performer

  1. Jon says:

    Absolutely and where are the composer’s royalties?
    Jon o

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