Hand-made magic in a one woman show – ‘Change of Heart’

Rachel Riggs is obsessed with hearts. This British born puppeteer, artist and director has had a thing about them ever since the first show she made in 1993 called ‘The Cabinet of Hearts’.

Since then she founded her own company DNA Puppetry and Visual Theatre with her partner Adam – a former WAAPA acting student and Spare Parts Theatre puppeteer after they met in London and created acclaimed performances which tour around Europe and Asia. Now resident in Fremantle,WA, she is presenting a show which combines the very basics of puppetry and object theatre – creating characters from objects such as suitcases, toys, rusty oil cans and teapots and also using a tiny digital projector displaying films and images she has animated and made in collaboration with UK digital artist Chantal Oakes.

She also combines the emotional and spiritual iconography of the heart in art and literature with carefully researched testimonials from real people who have received heart transplants. These people say they have literally changed since receiving the heart of a complete stranger, and some of the coincidences are so staggering they start to make you believe in ‘cellular memory’ – the idea that every cell of your body also contains the essence of you.

With the assistance of Freo’s own choreographer Amity Culver and master puppeteer Joanne Foley, Rachel presents a highly theatrical series of clever tricks and turns, using the skills of the stage magician, the burlesque dancer, the intimate storyteller and the showmanlike puppeteer.  ‘Change of Heart‘ weaves a spell that will make the hairs on your neck stand up and amaze you with the power of the human heart.

CHANGE OF HEART is showing at the Black Box Theatre, upstairs at Spare Parts Theatre, 1 Short St Fremantle on Thursday November 8th and Friday November 9th at 7:30pm. Tickets are $10 – $15 pay on the door

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