Atishoo! wins a Turnstile award

We are very pleased to announce that the recent run of Atishoo! at the Perth International Arts Festival garnered a Turnstile Award for it’s “wonderful, fevered dreamscapes” directed & designed by Rachel Riggs, and puppeteered by Adam Bennett, with a “beguiling” performance by young local performer Ann-Marie Biagioni.

Atishoo! DNA Puppetry and Visual Theatre

Ann-Marie Biagioni in ‘Atishoo!’ by DNA

Announced on September 12th 2012 on David Zampatti’s ‘From the Turnstiles’ blog, Atishoo! was one of only eight winners selected out of 57 produtions for excellence in theatre in Perth in a locally mounted production. Zampatti reviewed the performance in February 2012, impressed with the visual qualities and it’s effect upon the children n the audience. Read the review here.


The forest of Health, designed by Rachel Riggs

DNA brought this production over from England, committed to remount the show locally, rehearsing in the heat and spending time on the lighting design with the able and amiable Aaron Stirk, who even managed to find us affordable confetti canons which were required for the finale effect.

The production was staged at the Subiaco Arts Centre, and we’d like to thank Jonathan Holloway, Annette Madden, Anna Kosky and Caris Harper of the Perth International Arts Festival for all the support and for the opportunity.

Search for Atishoo! in this blog for more posts about the run earlier this year.

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