CLOUDS Theatre Play Session – Imaginary Leaps

Make a booking of 2 Clouds sessions in one day for your early years setting  in August or September and get £100 off our usual rate – see Imaginary Leaps for more info

CLOUDS SESSION – 5th July at Balsall Heath Childrens Centre, Birmingham with Birmingham Rep Theatre

What a beautiful early years setting in Birmingham. Close by to a bustling building of vibrant toddlers there is an animal farm. The whole set-up is warm and friendly and it is wonderful to see the goats passing by for grazing and the children able to touch, learn and embrace the wild life around them.

I arrived to a group of engaging children that had been offered theatre-based activities from Birmingham Rep Theatre for several weeks. The early years practitioner said that the sessions had a remarkable effect on the children as they became more focussed and imaginative through creative play. We began by playing our special Clouds Music and looking out of the window up to the sky and watching the clouds float by. Some were fluffy and white, but there was rain in the air, and the children commented on the dark clouds ready to burst with rain. We took out little bits of fluff from a basket and made our own clouds, blowing them into the air, on to the floor and around the room. Then we took fabric and wrapped each other up and became clouds – rolling on the floor and making cloud shapes.

An Overhead projector was set up with different cloud shapes projected onto the wall. The children became human again and stood making shapes against the clouds, then they wanted to be clouds and rolled around against the backdrop of clouds projected.

Just as the children became a little tired, out of a fabric cloud came a tiny Cloud Child. We made up a story about the Cloud Child (tiny puppet) losing her way. The children led the story and wanted her to be trapped by a wicked king who would not let our out of his castle. How can we help her? Lots of suggestions until we found a solution. The king let her go and the children flew her back into the sky. We finished the session with a huge cloud cloth. The childen ran under the cloth and popped their legs, arms, fingers and toes through the holes. They sat on the cloth and rode the cloud. They held the cloth and let each other go under and over. The whole session finished with a tidy-up to the music and the children had another very successful creative play session.

Liz Fitzgerald-Taylor

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