Atishoo! – the reviews

We ‘ve had a couple of brilliant reviews for Atishoo! at the Perth International Arts Festival.

The first to be published was by David Zampatti in his theatre blog ‘From the Turnstiles’

“…a room full of kids were entranced. Some of them were overcome with fascination and stood up or scampered down to the front for a better view; the questions to mums and dads flew thick and fast. And all the time, you could almost hear those young minds ticking over, faster and faster.By popular acclamation, Les Studios de Cirque’s Place des Anges has been the big highlight of the festival. Allow me to nominate the superb Atishoo as it’s little one.”

The second came out in Perth’s only newspaper ‘The West Australian’

There is ingenuity in each unfolding moment that showcases the skill of puppeteer Adam Bennett and the creativity of director/designer Rachel Riggs.

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