Cloud Child

Cloud child in setCloud child setcloud creaturechild of the cloudJan10 (55)Jan10 (47)
jan13thcloudchildr&d (9)jan13thcloudchildr&d (11)jan13thcloudchildr&d (14)16thjanR&D (4)16thjanR&D (25)16thjanR&D (32)
16thjanR&D (51)Tues17th R&D (9)Tues17th R&D (15)Tues17th R&D (20)Tues17th R&D (22)18JanRandD (4)
18JanRandD (34)

Cloud Child, a set on Flickr.

Here is a selection of images garnered from our recent 2 weeks of R&D at the Lowry, Salford Quays. The project will be developed in the UK in a series of Imaginary Leaps early years play sessions conducted throughout 2012 called ‘Clouds’
For the show page on the DNA Puppetry website, please visit

Cloud Child

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