Day 5 Friday 13th Dance & movement Day

This morning we had a nice visit with the Dance Tots session age 3-4 years led by Claire Fildes at the Lowry. Myself and Liz had a nice collaboration with Claire and the children, playing with the little fluffy clouds ( small pieces of dacron/toy stuffing) to see what they did, the material works lovely to stimulate a young childs imagination. Their own little soft cloud can be blown in the air or across the floor and sculpted into anything they like, a tiny sheep ,a bunny – ‘You can make it fly, You can blow it in the sky, Way up high’  Little clouds tickle mums and grandmas, attending the family session.With Adam we also worked with families & children Faron aged 2 and Soma  3years, who both had very different responses to our cloudchild puppet. Some ideas were further confirmed, and others are still perplexingly open! Generally th children want to help cloud child, take her for a walk and nurture her. Naturally…. been a fascinating wonderful week as the images show,

Rachel Riggs Artistic Director


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