Day 3/4 Visit to the local Swinton Surestart and using digital projection

Liz writes ‘We had a delightful morning working with children in Swinton, introducing the group  and mums and early years practitioners to the work we are currently exploring.  Tiny tufts of cotton wool were given to the children and we played with the idea of it being tiny clouds.  We blew the cotton tufts into the air, caught them, danced with them.  The children loved it and cherished these little clouds.’

‘We introduced white cloth – ran under it, sat on top of it, bellowed it out and it became a huge cloud.  Again, the children and adults loved it!  Eventually we introduced the Cloud Child puppet – the little ones squeeled with delight as she emerged from under white cloth.  Several of the children began to “care for her” putting shoes on her and helping her to walk.  They did become a little over excited and we were aware of the puppet’s vulnerability. An important breakthrough during the process.’

‘I love working with Michelle Hovane physical movementperformer who uses the Body Mind Centering methodology; she really helps me to focus on my body as a performer.  We explored our bones, our lungs and heart.  How do we move when we are bone-focused?  Amazing work.  We began movement work, concentrating on the character of the old woman.  She moved from being bone-centred, which gave her a practical grounding to earth.  We then explored lung and heart centred, which gave me a wonderful feeling of “other world.”  Putting the states together really helps to find the core of my character. Michelle and I put together a short movement piece concentrating on the practical side of the character and her everyday actions.  It was lovely work.’

Today we visited Lets Go Global and had some good advice from Chris Roberts about connecting a digital camcorder to a mini-projector so we could try projecting live faces onto clouds.

Liz writes ‘We explored shadow work onto a back cloth – this is a totally new area of work for me and I find it fascinating.  Projecting faces onto small clouds fashioned onto a washing line is really exciting.  A great day’s work.  Leaving The Lowry exhausted but very happy! ‘

Weve also had Amber Onat Gregory from Tell Me a Tale joining in with the play yesterday!

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