Thank you for Wonderful Time! Final Session

Imaginary Leaps at the State Library of Western Australia Better Beginnings in partnership with Early Years artist Rachel Riggs

Tues Sept 13th –  SESSION 8 – Tea Party

Illustrations – ‘Ingredients’ from Crocodile Cake by Chris Nixon  ‘Thank you for a wonderful time’ from Tales from Outer Suburbia by Shaun Tan

Reading  – Crocodile Cake by Palo Morgan (edited)

This week for our final session we worked between the Place space with photographs of last weeks session projected and the Midwest room. We had lots of fun activities to do today, as well as a celebration of the whole pilot project. Teddy said ‘Hello’ and then we began looking at the featured illustrations in the Place Gallery while waiting for everyone to arrive, by colouring in detailed photo copies of the fantastic flowers in ‘Thank you for a wonderful time’ from Tales from Outer Suburbia by Shaun Tan.

We began with looking at ‘Ingredients’ the illustration from Crocodile Cake by Chris Nixon with the fantastic drawn movement of making a cake, we sang ‘Im a little teapot’, then role played stirring and making a cake, discussing the ingredients. What do you need to make a cake? Answers, flour, water, sugar, butter. Everyone sat on the floor and then did a yoga movement of stirring the cake mix. Then I read the featured book – Crocodile Cake by Palo Morgan (Edit) This is a great rhythmic book to read, and very exciting , with the children making crocodile hand shadows against the projection screen, its also a satisfying concluding theme, linking to previous weeks themes such as little monsters, journeys, home & place and transformational objects.

Afterwards, we went into the Midwest room, for the related messy play with mixing bowls of flour and wooden spoons, sieves, utensils and lots of stirring! There was also play dough to make cakes.

Then in the Place gallery to look at ‘Thank you for a wonderful time’ from Tales from Outer Suburbia by Shaun Tan, we looked at the similarities and differences in the illustration techniques & themes,

Singing  ‘Im a little teapot’ rhymes and role playing having a tea party and with pretend cups of tea.

Back in the the Midwest room, we had a big pile of craft materials to stimulate the imagination and make  flowers in teacups, bottle tops, egg shells etc with floral wire, pipe cleaners and decorative flowers, and play dough. They looked beautiful altogether and were photographed individually and in front of the illustration, to send to Shaun Tan. We then celebrated the end of the programme with tea party and fairy cakes. Unfortunately, there was no time for Party Games but everyone took home a party bag with Better Beginning goodies to say ‘Thank you for wonderful time’.

Feedback from children and parents included –

Making cakes – J – ‘Were making a big cake!’

L – ‘were making a banana cake’ ‘it’s a  muffin’

G – ‘She like the cakes im making, we make them at home’

I – ‘First you taste and then I will’ ‘Cadence and me, we tasted it’ it tasted yummy!’

G – ‘green pasta slugs in my cake’

Making flowers –

J – ‘I just put all the feathers on here and put the lid on the bottom – it’s a tickle tree!’

L – “Im making flowers. Here’s a present for you,

Thank you to all the Better Beginnings team for the wonderful support with this project especially Susan, Margaret and Sue.

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