Imaginary Leaps at the State Library of W.A

Tues Aug 30th –

SESSION 6 – Little Monsters!

Meet and greet in The Place Gallery area and after  Teddy sang the ‘Hello’ rhyme, we looked closely at the featured illustrations-

With ‘I hear Thunder ‘ by Patricia Mullins, we studied the collage techniques, and the materials used for the dinosaurs skin and the little girls hair.For ‘Faust’s Party’ by Matt Ottley, we talked about  painting pictures, sang ‘Im a Little Teapot’ and had imaginary cups of tea.

We all pretended to be dinosaurs and became little monsters, with lots of roars. The parent/carer role played being tucked up in bed , with a piece of cloth over them, fast asleep with our little monsters waking up and prowling about. Everyone joined in, for parents who hadn’t got much sleep the night before because their kids had been up all night, it was a very dramatic reenactment!

Then I read ‘Pog’ by Lyn Lee, after we looked at the painted image of Pog. They cuddled up in bed with parent/carer and they all listened and focused really well. I think because they had a good move about and we were repeating the kind of bed time story routine, roleplaying sleeping at night, they were relaxed and happy to settle themselves. The story themes were great and we discussed friends, the monster under the bed and feeling scared.

All monsters like slime, so we went to the Midwest room for our Activities. The children first engaged with playing with bowls of green slime.

They all got their hands in the red & green slimey jelly, some enjoyed it more than others, the boys relished it, but others  didn’t like the fruity gel at all after trying!

They were then invited to make play dough  little monsters with stick on eyes. The colorful play dough was fabulous and matched the colours of ‘Faust’s Party’ monsters by Matt Ottley.

Then they made collages with lots of papers, fabric scraps, decorative stick on’s, coloured cellophane. Beautiful abstract expressions, and  some parents & children made detailed landscape images together. All the activities engaged with lots of play and participation with parent/carer .

After, that we listened to relaxing music and lay down under star cloth, with basket of cloth blankets , and the ‘Goodbye rhyme’. Lots of related, interesting discussion in the café afterwards for morning tea.

‘The story was very engaging, children and the adults liked it’

‘I thought the gloop was very experimental’

‘I love that the collage was freestyle, not templates’

Thanks to Susan and all the Better Beginnings team.



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