Imaginary Leaps – Session 5 – World Journeys

Imaginary Leaps at the State Library of Western Australia

Better Beginnings in partnership with Early Years artist Rachel Riggs

Tues Aug 23rd – SESSION 5 – Children’s Book Week  ‘One world, many stories’

The education room looked very cosy and inviting, with photos projected of last weeks activities. We sang ‘Round & Round the globe , like a Teddy Bear’ and the hello song to each child.

The ‘Title Page’ by Franc Lessae (Fremantle artist) was projected on the wall, to stimulate discussion. We talked about how the animals and people in the image might journey, revisiting the roleplay of last week, with different movements– flying, driving, walking, carrying, sailing. We moved like penguins and looked at the Antarctic where they live, talked of how Polar Bears lived at the Arctic North Pole.  The children had already spotted the inflatable world globes and had a good play bouncing them round the room and rolling on them.

I began reading ‘On the Same Day in March’ by Marilyn Singer, (edited version) ,we talked about how people travel round the world, being airplanes and on boats. We sat down and sang ‘Row, Row your boat’ with  mums joining in enthusiastically.

We discussed Themes relating to the previous weeks journeys in the place where we live to the World, maps, moon, planet earth, travelling, holidays. The children told me of their travels, Joseph talked of going up the Eiffel Tower in Paris, France, and we found it on the globe, as well as how far it was from European countries to Australia.

We had a great revolving image of the earth projected and the planets, so we discussed how the earth revolved, how when we sleep in the southern hemisphere at night , its day in the north. The children led the discussion and they had some really interesting thoughts and comments.

We made a collection of travel shadow puppets, for Shadow play on the projected image from A is for Aunty by Elaine Russell -‘N is for Nellie, O is for Owl’ . We sang the ‘Wheels on the Bus’ with a shadow bus cut out, then everyone made their own puppets – cats, rockets, around the world paper people.

C – ‘My cat eats catfood, miaow!’ showing her shadow puppet cat against the moon

The children played incorporating the clear inflatable globes to make multi layered shadows of their own silhouettes, puppets and projected images. Georgia moves her puppet back and forward to the light projection and experiments how the size changes.

We finished the session by laying down and listening to  music under the star cloth, which also made a great shadow, the children bounced Teddy and the inflatable globes up and down.  Then chatted with parents for feedback, some in the cafe and some sat outside, where the children continued to play with their shadow puppets in the sunshine, looking at their own shadows aswell.

Thanks to the Better Beginnings Team – next week ‘Little monsters!’

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