Imaginary Leaps with Better Beginnings Session 2

Tues July 26th The Red Tree by Shaun Tan

Story Book – Milli, Jack and the Dancing Cat by Stephen M King

The session this week, focussed on Shaun Tans original illustration for the opening pages of ‘The RedTree’ to coincide with the Odditoreum, currently exhibited at the State Library , curated by Shaun Tan.

The Red Tree

To begin, the children were looking at photos of themselves, remembering last week, looking at the  red tree and they picked up the different kinds clocks collected, playing with them, crayons and printed paper clock faces to draw on, the children enjoy all the hands on activities.

After the hello rhyme, we talked about time, how time is circular , spinning arms around. Time slow for a child growing up, fast for an adult.

Prompted children to talk about arriving for the morning’s session.

Child comments: We came here on a train

Children pretend to be a clock, moving their arms for each hour.

Child comments: One is fast and one is slow. (Talk about the minute and second hands of a clock/watch.

Looking at the projected image

Looked at the Red Tree illustration and the book , I tried to present the book then  the original illustration of the clock – which is a real clock with the red leaf which links to the red tree I made. The red paper leaves fall onto the children and they write their names or anything they like and choose where to place onto the tree,   , more rhymes, found the yellow bird in Shaun Tans image, they love flying like birds with the material wings from the kit again, extending imaginative play to be on a red nest on the round seating , curling up and pretending to sleep. Then cock a doodle do!, rooster wakes them up, natures alarm clock.

Birds in the nest

After reading ‘Milli, Jack and the Dancing Cat’ by Stephen M King, we looked at the similarities of the twofeatured original illustrations, the rd haied girl, rolling hills and the trees. In the story ,Milli makes  something out of nothing, which I demonstrated with a kitchen utensil transforming into a puppet. The children touched different materials, what can this object transform into?

More of the adults engaged at the child’s level, and followed childs lead. Lots of construction materials had been heaped into a big pile on the floor – from REMIDA scrap play resources.Everyone really engaged in the construction activity making faces, hats , trees etc.Feedback quotes:

‘The creativity that’s encouraged is wonderful’

‘Projected illustrations were good, can see the detail’

‘Beautiful stories and they all tied together, very clever’

‘I made a funny face, its smiling’

‘Isabella starting doing things with the materials, tactile, experimenting using tools,

not knowing the outcome was good’

Thanks to the Better Beginnings Team – Susan and Nola for fantastic team work.






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