Imaginary Leaps with Better Beginnings Session 1

Rachel reads Big Rain Coming illustrated by Bronwyn Bancroft

Tues July 26th Big Rain Coming

For the first session, I couldnt have asked for better synchronicity with stormy rains predicted all week! So the children were all ready for wet weather, and able to live out the experiential adventure as soon as they exited the State Library.

After looking at the original illustrations in the gallery, and reading the story , we had raining songs and rhymes, with drawing paper becoming the sound of the storm. The children told me of their feelings ‘Its a bit scary sometimes’

'I hear thunder, pitter patter rain drops'

Sensory hands on resources, including toy frogs inbowls of water, water sprays & heat packs aided the story telling, and we made paper rainbows on sticks to wave and dance with. A wet bird, is about to fly off in the illustration from  Rain Dance by Dee Huxley, so we all put on our wings and flew…

Flying with wings

Into the new Education Room, where everything was set for some messy splatter painting and playing with water, using watering cans and paddling, splashing. Hats off to all the parents/carers who didnt bat an eyelid! Fanatstic intergenerational group with dads, grandparents and nannies, looking on and a few tentatively joining in!

Thanks to all the Better Beginnings Team especially Sue North, Margaret Kett and Susan McKewan

Getting wet!

All photographs courtesy of Susan McEwan

Hands on painting

Next week – Making Shaun Tan’s Red Tree and assembled junk object sculptures!

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  1. AhgooReview says:

    What a wonderful post! I love seeing books come to life with children enjoying themselves.

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