Froggy success at Cleethorpes Children’s Festival

LIZ had a wonderful weekend with FROG PRINCE at Cleethorpes Children’s Theatre Festival followed by a trip down to London to perform at Arts Depot in North Finchley.

Cleethorpes got off to a flying start as the weather picked up and the sun shone down on the seaside town.  Laughter rang out as children and adults giggled at Queenie as she led them through three wonderful children’s stories, beginning with the traditional Frog Prince, then taking them on a journey through two of Terry Jones’ Peculiar Tales THE SNUFF BOX & RAINBOW CAT.  The children adore the shadow of the wicked witch as she transforms Queenie into a frog and delight at the colourful feline in the third story, and are just a teensy bit scared too!  It all makes for a lovely final day to a very successful Children’s Theatre Festival produced by Birdhouse Theatre Company.  This is Liz’s second visit to Cleethorpes for DNA Puppetry & Visual Theatre as part of the Birdhouse programme for children, and she hopes to return in October for the autumn season.

Hilarious photos of Liz as part of the festival’s marketing campaign were dotted around Cleethorpes for the week, including a huge banner on a major roundabout in the town. A bit shocking on first entering the town!

Liz performing The Frog Prince & Other Peculiar Tales by Terry Jones

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