my bleedin art at the Blue Room, Perth

Have had a great response to my solo work on cellular memories in heart transplant statements, following on from previous explorations in this area at the Nuffield Theatre, Lancaster University and Royal Exchange Studio Theatre, Manchester, Uk, a few years ago.

Jo Foley

I had a fantastic time working with puppeteer Jo Foley who trained at Ecole Superior des Artes del la Marionette, Charleville Mezzierre, France, tidying up my work with clean and precise direction. I hope we will work together again soon.

Presenting a ‘carnival of the heart’, exploring heart transplant testimonials and research into contemporary symbolism of the heart in society. Using shadow play and object manipulation to tell the tales in a short, red teaser of a solo piece…. Shown with other new original work of daring Perth performers, as part of the ‘Summer Nights’ Solo Spot programme.

Tuesday 22nd Feb & Friday 25th Feb 2011

The first night was a bit nerve racking especially as I was opening the whole night, but after seeing trans gender cricketeers, physical theatre with tins of beans, stressed out Micheal Jackson fanatic acts and various other assorted acts, I was very relaxed on the second evening and really enjoyed performing , feeling like i could run with this, so potentially more developments in the future!

‘Totally awesome’ said Blue Room audience member

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