Hands On! Applied Puppetry Symposium at The Little Angel Theatre, London

The most simple puppet - the hand!

Rachel had a fantastic time with delegates in London, discovering and exploring simple puppetry techniques for maximum confidence and communication in any early years activity or environment.

The morning delegates were very quiet compared to the afternoon group who were positively riotous, once they were behind a puppet!

Chris Elwell(Half Moon Young Peoples Theatre,London)& Sarah Argent (Theatr Iolo, Wales)get lost in play.

Despite a full technical difficulties with laptops, Rachel was able to present using the website, www.imaginaryleaps.com

Over a delicious lunch it was fantastic to network and catch up with Matt Smith – Lecturer in Applied Theatre, Portsmouth University.

Tim Webb from Oily Carte Theatre Company, Peter Glanville, artistic director of The Little Angel Theatre and of course Slavka Jovanovic who organised the days event as part of the anniversary of the Little Angel Theatre and a decade of Education programming.

Slavka & Rachel;

It really was a fantastic day with so many knowledgable guests discussing puppetry in therapy, as well as early years creative education. The day was finished with a performance of ‘Alice’, which is a new psychedelic interpretation of the classic Lewis Carroll, what a treat!

Participants identified benefits from using puppetry in play including :

“Disinhibits adults – back to the level of a child”

“Puppets encourage positive play”

“Puppets are irresistible – letting go of yourself and reading character of puppet/object is very relaxing”

“Puppets can be a tool for communication and connections”

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