Imaginary Leaps Praised by Australian Minister for the Arts

Culture Minister John DayIn a letter addressed to Imaginary Leaps, John Day the Western Australian Minister for Planning, Culture & the Arts has praised Rachel Riggs and her recent work in Early Years development and engagement.

I congratulate you on your commitment and energy to encouraging early years’ development with the arts and wish you the best of luck with your endeavours

Rachel has met the minister several times in Perth and each time has sought to emphasise to the minister the importance of creative play as a key to the development of the very young.

Minister Day wrote that the Western Australian Department of the Arts is finalising a Young People and the Arts Action Plan which is designed to support the creativity and engagement of young Western Australians, with the Early Years identified as a specific interest group.

Minister Day described the pilot Imaginary Leaps program at the Art Gallery of Western Australia as ‘successful’.


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2 Responses to Imaginary Leaps Praised by Australian Minister for the Arts

  1. libbydavy says:

    This is such important work. So pleased to hear the government are engaging with it. Bold Park School are strong allies,

    Nedlands & Subiaco School of Early Learning

    and O’Connor Child Care Owner (Reggio inspired). Also PLC Kindy and most of the private schools are really into creative approaches too. Ange Drum at Beaconsfield Primary School is a “must meet” and a great networker too.

    Dr Josephine Fantasia – ex South Freo Biscuit Factory drama worker / researcher with young people.

    If you join the Reggio Emila Information Exchange in Australia you can connect with like minds and tour the county doing cool stuff. Write something for their magazine…

    When I was on on the Ministerial Advisory Committee on Child Care, we emphasised this in our reports.

    Other members of may also want to engage.

    If you want to talk to someone about Aboriginal early years education, Odette Haley is your lady! Wow. You will love her.

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