Ball Pond Bobby Book

From Drusilla Kenney and her daughter Alexandra we recieved this email requesting a flyer of the Ball Pond Bobby show. –
‘We came to see Ball Pond Bobby with our daughter when you performed at Cornerstone in Didcot – I think it was their opening programme, and it must have been a couple of years ago.
It was the first show she ever saw, and she was captivated. A week later she was having lunch and said “Bobby’s gone! With all the subsequent shows we’ve been to (she’s now almost four), I’ve kept a copy of the flyer and we’ve been looking through our folder this evening at bedtime – and it seems a real shame that we have no reminder of the first show she came to and loved.”

A long term project has been the editing and ilustrating of the original poem, DNA’s artistic director Rachel Riggs wrote, which inspired the ground breaking production of ‘Ball Pond Bobby’ for Early Years into a book.

Coming soon a sneak preview of some of the fabulous illustrations by Heather Berrill !BobballDoc1

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