Greek mask making and theatre workshops with Sarah

Last week I spent 2 fun filled days at Haveley Hey Community Primary School in Manchester. The children in year 5 had been learning all about the ancient Greeks, and invited me to the school to make some masks and do some drama with them.

We started the day with a story- Theseus and the Minotaur- one of my all time favourites! We then talked about masks and looked at some examples from around the world. The children had already looked at the myth in class, so soon we were all set to start making our own masks of characters from the story.

Its amazing what you can make with a paper bag, a bit of glue and tape and a box of collage scraps. The picture shows some of the results.

In the afternoon of each day, I took the class into the hall. We started with some drama games to get them all relaxed, then I split them into groups to act out sections of the story. At the end of the afternoon, we turned the hall into a Greek theatre and enjoyed all the performances.

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One Response to Greek mask making and theatre workshops with Sarah

  1. dnapuppetry says:

    Fantastic work sark,
    Love rx

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