Imaginary Leaps @ AGWA ,Perth, WA – FACES

Already, we are at the last session of this pilot project of Imaginary Leaps at AGWA, reports Rachel. For the concusion of the project, we are looking at portraits in the Presence Gallery, a newly installed interpretation of Indigenous art.

The children looked at their own and parent/carers faces in the mirrors, naming features such as eyes, noses, mouths, making big eyes, small mouth, pulling a funny face etc

They then used the paper & pencils to draw their own features and parent/carers faces.

We went to see Vernon Ah Kee’s : ‘Born in this Skin’ triptych. These huge portrait drawings of himself, his daughter and his grandmother are drawn with compassion and beauty against a turbulent political background.


We looked at the artwork with the children pointing out features and then drew each other’s faces again.

We then made our way outside on to the terrace and played with coloured modelling clay on vinyl sheets for sculpting models of each other’s head freely using hands and  modelling tools to make marks, make different expressions and developing emotional literacy.

on the balcony at agwa

With the basket of open play cloth material, we developed this into puppet play – attaching the cloth to make the head into a puppet and then moving them in the breeze outside.

Remedie really enjoyed the Face Painting with her mum Sandie, and was covered!

There was a beautiful moment with the atmospheric music on the cd player, when everyone was so absorbed in the activities and it was such a lovely day, with the breeze,when it was absolutely perfect….

Priscilla & alice at play

To finish, we played with the star cloth outside, with teddy and ‘Max’ – Dan’s bear flying up into the air with rhymes, Teddy was a bit too upset to do the goodbye song for everyone.

This has been the most wonderful opportunity to develop the ‘Imaginary Leaps’ Early Years over here in Perth and I am very grateful to the AGWA Education Team – Natasha, Lesley, Jane, Sarah and Peter for the opportunity and their support over the pilot programme. Aswell of course, the amazing children, parents and carers who immersed themselves in the weekly sessions.

Finlly unbenown to myself, we had a famous Australian artist watching us ‘deconstruct the formality of the space’ as he put it,  John Olsen.

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