Imaginary Leaps at AGWA – Session 5 MAPPING

This week, the session engaged the early years family group in the Mapping Gallery. Everyone was given a map of the Art gallery, and explored where the areas we had previously visited were. The children pointed out the roof triangle markings in particular and the spiral staircase. Everyone had a coloured plate for driving up the spiral staircase, making driving sounds and rhymes going up and down the stairs.We stopped to  study the maps to find our way to go upstairs to Wonderland and parked our imaginary cars.

After this exploration, the group arrived at Robert Macpherson: Mayfair, uniform blocks of clour and print, its about language in our daily experience and in advertising. The children named the colours, and we discussed the link with the text and cars – name plates.

We also looked at Rosalie Gascoigne’s ‘ Sweet Sorrow’ cut up text with plastic letter magnets and playing with basket of stencils & cut outs with paper and coloured pencils.

Time to go outside on the terrace, with rolls & sheets of paper and vinyl sheets for printing & painting on cardboard boxes with stencils – letters & numbers, children and parents really enjoy the painting sessions.

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