Imaginary Leaps at AGWA – Material Gesture

This weeks session Material Gesture explored the fundamental roles of line in the physical creation of art.

We explored the material presence of wool,ribbons & tissue paper inthe gallery with the stimulus of symbolic meaning in the paintings evoking natural forms, ceremonial markings and emblems.

Dick Watkins: Ornithology led us to birds, trying to see them in the composition and drawing attention to the painting’s brush strokes. Line is an essential component of art and can be used as a conceptual and/or formal tool. Line can record the artist’s hand gestures and mark-making, or construct a systematic ordering of space and perception.

With George (Hairbrush) Tjungurrayi:’ Snakedreaming at Ngukalupalkarra’ we were able to make the connection with the material (black wool) and physical awareness of movement in space by making them into snakes moving in the air and on the ground.

The  material play/gesture then linked with Mitjili Napurrula: ‘Watija Tjuta’and her paintings of symbolic trees and hills of her country. The children shaped coloured ribbons and tissue paper into suns and ‘rays of light’ (Ruby) floating in the air, and on the ground.

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