Mrs Teapot Celebrates her birthday at The Harris Museum, Preston

Mrs Teapot enjoys her birthday at The Harris Museum, Preston

Mrs Teapot celebrated an unexpected birthday this week at The Harris Museum, Preston.  20 children with parents, grandparents and carers sang HAPPY BIRTHDAY at the end of an hour long creative play session to the BIRTHDAY GIRL!

On a wet, windy afternoon in Preston, Mrs Teapot’s transformational play session proved to be a huge success for children and museum staff alike.  After using household objects to set up a “picnic” and play for a while, Mrs Teapot made her entrance to the delight of all concerned.

Children celebrate Mrs Teapot's Birthday

Children then began to explore how to turn their everyday objects into puppets resulting in a huge birthday party for Mrs Teapot!  Songs, rhymes and stories began to emerge as the children explored their puppets and let their imaginations run riot!   Museum staff were also thrilled that following the session, the children entered the Museum’s TEAPOT ROOM, to learn about the history of Teapots.

The weather may have been terrible this week, but there was a beautiful birthday party happening in Preston!

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2 Responses to Mrs Teapot Celebrates her birthday at The Harris Museum, Preston

  1. Rachel Riggs says:

    Fantastic family engagement Liz, sounds like you had a wonderful time at the Harris, lovely to work there Thank you, R

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