Oodles of fun this week at the Children’s Arts Festival in Nottingham with an exciting offering from Imaginary Leaps.

An adaptation of Hansel and Gretel was launched with children and adults having a ball at Nottingham Playhouse. 

Families create a special place for Hansel & Gretel

Families packed the Playhouse for an exciting Creative Play session based on the classic tale & were immediately expecting a “performance.”  They were delighted when asked to create “The Woods” for Hansel & Gretel to explore.

Creative chaos as dads string rope to hang the children's work

Dozens of families turned out on a wet, windy Saturday delighting in their children and joining in to  create a magical wilderness  for Hansel & Gretel.  Characters were also created which were included in the story including Red Riding Hood and some creatures in the woods that only the children knew!

A couple of Red Riding Hoods add to the excitement of Hansel & Gretel

Creatures only the children know take part in Hansel & Gretel

After much making – the story unfolded.  It was so exciting for the tiny puppets to explore these very special woods that the children had made (it was lovely to work with so many dads too!)

Hansel & Gretel explore their exciting environment

Hansel & Gretel can see for miles when they stand on the head of a child

Hansel & Gretel meet a woodland creature

Finally, the creative play session finishes and children are invited to take their creations home with them.  One dad didn’t account for the rain in Nottingham as he walked through the streets with a six foot tree made out of card and tissue paper.  He was heard to exclaim “why did we make such a huge tree?”   Because you love it dad!

A Magical wonderland in Nottingham

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  1. dnapuppetry says:

    Fabulous play Liz as ever, great to see ‘Into the woods’ in action!

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