Imaginary Leaps at AGWA Session 2 – BUILT

This week we had a really exciting time experiencing the artworks in BUILT, from the State Art Collection about sculptural and pictorial man-made forms, urban and suburban environments.

We looked at Richard Giblett’s art works – ‘Self Container’ and ‘Untitled (AM to PM). These works are based on looking at everyday objects and imagery and replicating them in ordinary, throw away materials.

Giblets Untitles(AM to PM)

‘The rampant growth of cities as an organic self-replicating activity’

Built movement

These themes gave great scope for play and expressing building and constructing concepts. First, we used rhymes and yoga inspired movements to physically express building and then wooden bricks to build city scapes.

Constructing Cities

After this play, the parents facilitated the children to construct everyday objects out of recycled small boxes, so they could explore symbolic play. These ranged from houses, cars, teapots to boats.

Building Skyscrapers

Then we went outside to build on a larger scale with large cardboard boxes, building them up to the sky, with rhymes and letting them all fall down, aswell as lots of free play exploring space and containment.

Little Boxes

‘Thanks for a great session.As I mentioned today I was really impressed with Jack’s increased enthusiasm, as soon as he arrived he was so keen to get pencil to paper! He also sat still and really listened, something I haven’t seen him do before in this sort of environment. Rachel is so engaging with the kids and really takes care to involve each child. Jack has not stopped playing with his box! it has been everything under the sun!’                             Renee’s Parent Feedback

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One Response to Imaginary Leaps at AGWA Session 2 – BUILT

  1. WAYTCo says:

    This is a great post, and inspiring photos. It’s wonderful to see art inspiring creativity through creative play in a gallery for this age group.

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