Imaginary Leaps first session at AGWA

Imaginary Leaps Early Years creative playRachel had a great first session with parents and pre schoolers at the Art Gallery of Western Australia, Perth this week.

Getting to know each child, we had a good look at Patricia Piccinini’s specially created site specific work ‘Aloft’, playing with rhymes, texture and shadows. This work, organic against the architectural geometry of the space, in the artists words

‘Celebrates life and its endless diversity and creativity and it wonders at our role in it’

It’s very exciting for everyone, as this is the first time a specialist art programme for early years and their carers has been available at AGWA.

Children are naturally curious, keen to explore the world and show their ideas. ‘Imaginary Leaps’ is all about following your child’s interests in an interesting place with interesting people to develop their experiential learninImaginary Leaps Early Years Creative Playg.

There is no right or wrong way of engaging in the space whether we are moving about, making something or looking at the art works as stimulus. Of course, the only wrong way is to touch the art works, but by not saying “don’t touch’ and offering distracting hands on activities in the sessions we should avoid this dilemma.

Within the Imaginary leaps session framework, there is the ability for the child to lead, have one to one interaction with their parent/carer and socialise /engage with other children and adults in a safe and friendly environment.

Piccinini's baby - Imaginary LeapsThanks to Natasha, Lesley and all the team at AGWA

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