Building a Rainforest Installation at Bentley School, Perth


Looking at making insects

Rachel has been having lots of fun building a rainforest in the corner of year one’s classroom in Bentley Primary School, Perth with the children. Joanna, our 6 year old attends here and  Rachel volunteered to extend their creative learning after this tired corner space needed livening up. Every week we have been building up material to decorate the rainforest – making leaves, insects, flowers and animals, and learning about the importance and value of the last of our world’s rainforests. Heres some images of the work in progress and I will post more of the childrens wonderful creations and the opening day when parents and friends are invited to tour the space.

Scrap materials



Painted Leaves

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1 Response to Building a Rainforest Installation at Bentley School, Perth

  1. Michelle de Silva says:

    Fantastic work Rach! cant wait to see the finished product. All the childrens interprutations were amazing. Some real hidden talents amongst them all. Under your guidence you have created something all the children would never have thought possible. I am so looking forward to seeing the finished product. Thanks for sharing! Michelle

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