Puppetry at Scitech

Adam at Scitech

Adam with Gotcha Goanna and Buster Boulder

Adam Bennett, one of the co-founders of DNA Puppetry is busy at work being a science communicator at Scitech, Perth, Western Australia.

Brought in as a specialist puppeteer, Adam has joined the team of science communicators at one of Perth’s premiere attractions located right in the heart of Perth’s CBD (central business district).Systems for bricks at Scitech

“I’m pleased as Punch to be here” jokes Adam. “I was a science student at Curtin University – it was called WAIT back then – in the 1980’s before I changed tack and build a successful career in puppetry. I’m bringing my interest in science right into the heart of my work now.”scitech

Scitech has a number of galleries – a general science gallery with hands-on exhibits about physical forces, electomagnetism and science prinicipals, a regularly changing specialist exhibition which is currently ‘Measure Island’, two performance spaces and a planetarium called Horizon which has a massive projection screen giving you a full hemishpere of viewing.Horizon Planetarium

Scitech is one of the best value attractions in Perth with hours of discovery in one small price. Scitech also has outreach programmes, special events, a specialist education lab and a digital studio for the latest digital technology fun and learning.

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2 Responses to Puppetry at Scitech

  1. Wendy W says:

    Great to have you here Adam! We’re really lucky to have you! Was a pleasure meeting you on Saturday. I was a puppeteer for the first three years I worked here, before moving into my current role. It was a great learning experience for me – and also a great source of hillarious quotes from kids…

  2. Francis says:

    Nice one, Adam! Hope you and Rachel are both thriving.
    All the best as ever –

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