Antony Gormleys’ ‘One and Other’.

ThurtinkleThe project to put a different volunteer each hour on the empty ‘4th plinth’ in Trafalgar Square, London has just reached it’s halfway mark. Over 32 000 people have applied for the 2400 places available and over a thousand people have taken their turn standing, sitting or reclining on the plinth to be gazed at by onlookers or on the live webstream at

In a surprising twist, this week the very first non-human will have an hour. Thurtinkle Garnetgetter, a 287 year old gnome, from the North West of England has been chosen. This storytelling puppet has been travelling all over the UK appearing in theatres, arts centres, village halls, festivals and parks telling Fairy Tales by the famous author, film maker and former member of Monty Python’s Flying Circus, Terry Jones.

In 2009, he has told stories at the Glastonbury Festival, The SPARK International Children’s Festival, Bath Theatre Royal, Oxford Playhouse and the Lyric Hammersmith among many others, Thurtinkle is already famous amongst young theatregoers.  Thurtinkle will be appearing on the plinth on Sunday September 6th at 11pm.

An avid tweeter on Twitter, Thurtinkle will be playing games, telling riddles and making up stories with people on the square and online. Sky Arts channel, the media hosts say:

“The beauty of the plinth is that it’s open to all – man, woman or gnome.”

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