Charlie and Lola in Manchester

Adam is part of the cast of  ‘Charlie and Lola Live’ produced by Watershed Productions – a restaging of a performance produced by Polka Theatre and directed by Roman Stefanski. This performance is on from tomorrow December 20th until January 4th at the Dancehouse on Oxford Road Manchester so catch it while you can. Here are some images from the rehearsals for your delight. Designs and images of Charlie and Lola are copywrighted to Lauren Child and BBC so do not reproduce these images. You have been warned…

The Puppets

The Puppets

behind the scenes

behind the scenes

Director and puppeteers

Director and puppeteers

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One Response to Charlie and Lola in Manchester

  1. Kelley says:

    I love Charlie and Lola!!! How I wish we had a show like this in the USA, my little boy just adores the show!

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