Kuala Lumpur. Atishoo! at the Actors Centre

We have performed our second show of Atishoo! at the Actors Centre on the 3rd floor of the Bangsar Shopping Centre, a little way out of the centre of KL. It is a thrust stage of about 10m depth, so we’ve had to set the projection screen some way upstage to make sure that all the audience can see it, and then extend the rest of the set quite a long way further forward to make use of the available space. Zor, the technician, has found us a fan, and an ancient and barely working overhead projector (he had to get it working again so we could use it), and descended two lighting bars, clamping a pole between them so that we could rig our set the way we need to.

The new show depth took a little bit of getting used to, with changes and adjustments to blocking and rigging, and for the first time two big snow balls descend, and two rise up! The cross piece that holds the big screen up snapped on our dress rehearsal and I’ve shored it up with some metal pieces. Zor has a strobe up in his box, which makes for impressive lighning used sporadically and the chinese confetti bombs make for a spectacular finale!

Tids our dancer is enjoying the extra freedom of movement she gets from the increased floor area, though I’m running a lot further to put down and pick up the puppets and props. Playing to 250 3-6 year olds in thrust is quite a challenge, but even more of a challenge is running a participatory workshop with them all after the show! Out in the foyer afterwards, they ‘post’ their tissue paper into a special wishing box that the Well Fairy is waiting beside.

Tomorrow we have to do two in a row! Between 10am and 1pm we will have entertained more than 500 Malaysian children! Whew.

Tids in the foyer of the Actors Centre

Tids in the foyer of the Actors Centre

The Atishoo! set in Kuala Lumpur

The Atishoo! set in Kuala Lumpur

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