Summer Festivals 2008

Hi all. Welcome to our first post on our new blog and we’re just going to catch up with all our Summer activities this year. Over six weeks in summer we went to:

  • Our DNA puppet Thurtinkle sitting on a sign at the Kidz Field, GlastonburyGlastonbury – Tony Cordy’s ‘Kidz field’. The field looked wonderful. A dream playground for children. We performed ‘Dr Nose Travels Through Time‘ in the main theatre tent after the classically chaotic ‘Bodger and Badger’ with Andy Cunningham. Rachel realised that she’d been going for 20 years! Adam still remembers his first time in 1991. We camped with Fraser Hooper and his family and caught up with our old friends Ned and Kate from Creature Feature. Partied until late at the Shangri-La field on Friday night. Unfortunately we had to leave early on Sunday because the very next day Adam was off to the next event…
  • The ‘3 Foot People’ festival for early years and ‘the Fling’ festival for over 21’s-Chelmsford. Adam went with Stephanie Ridings, Jonny Dixon and Heather Berrill to put up the big tent. Rarely for the Summer, the weather was nice all week! For four days, we performed Ball Pond Bobby and Chicken Licken. Then we hosted two other performers as they entertained the children. On the fifth day, the site transformed into a festival for adults and we performed Skin Deep Circus, then hosted the cabaret for the rest of the evening.
  • Camp BestivalLulworth Castle, Devon. Where we spent a lovely weekend with Rosa and Barney doing morning Chicken Licken shows on the Insect Circus stage. Highlights of the weekend were knitting, Billy Bragg, live jousting and The Imagined Village
  • Thurtinkle chatting with the crowd

    Thurtinkle chatting with the crowd

    Parkicipate – Worden Park, Leyland, Lancashire. Our supporters at Worden Arts Centre and the South Ribble Arts Forum had a very successful weekend of art and craft activities for families. Dr Nose said hello and we performed Chicken Licken in the theatre.

  • The Green Man’ festival– Powys, Wales. In the Glanusk estate of mid-Wales, this was our 4th Green Man festivals and a lot of the children and adults have fond memories of our previous productions. People asked if we were doing Puss in Boots again, and many remember our Baba Yaga Boney Legs. The rain fell (a lot) and our vehicles had to be dragged out of the mud by tractors!
  • The Electric Picnic’ – Stradbally, Ireland. We got to Ireland early to visit friends in Westport and then headed over to Stradbally for this terrific festival. Sandra and Gavin were the perfect hosts and we had a ball contributing to the kids fun in the Soul Kids area. Highlights were seeing Goldfrapp, watching Grinderman and Fossetts Circus.
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1 Response to Summer Festivals 2008

  1. Jox says:

    wow, you have been busy.

    So glad you’ve joined blogland, looking forward to reading all about your adventures.

    See you all soon. xx

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